Nvidia Has Revealed Super GeForce RTX Graphics Cards

Nvidia Has Revealed Super GeForce RTX Graphics Cards

Nvidia RTX graphics cards have been one of the standards for PC gaming for a long while. Probably putting a clear end to that, Nvidia has revealed its new line of Super GeForce RTX graphics cards. It is to be noted that almost every popular graphics card from Nvidia’s previous line would have a super version. This version will be offering enhanced speed, performance and improvements in terms of specifications.

Nvidia expects these super graphics cards to replace the standard graphics cards that are owning the market right now. By doing so, the company will be able to surface a line of products that has enough capabilities to fulfill the gaming needs. For instance, the super version of RTX 2060 is supposed to have 8GB of memory and not the standard memory of 6GB. This is a great improvement from the gaming perspective.

Similarly, the memory speed of the graphics cards has also been improved. In the case of RTX 2060, it has been raised to 15.5Gbps instead of the old 14Gbps. Nvidia claims that these super versions are capable of offering, on average, an extra speed of up to 15% when compared to the older versions. As the company itself made it clear, this new introduction has made purchases complicated.

The graphics card-manufacturer has designed the entire thing in such a way that Super graphics cards have a slightly better performance than their standard counterparts. Because the company has kept the hierarchy it used to follow, this 15% performance boost would not make a low-level graphics card better than a high-level graphics card.

This announcement also means some replacements and other changes. For instance, the non-super versions of RTX 2070 and 2080 will soon be replaced by the super versions while the RTX 2060 is to stay in the market for some time. It should be noted that there are some price raises. You will have to pay $50 to $100 extra if you want to get the super instead of standard.

Thousands of Counterfeit Apps on the Play Store have Been Found to Contain Malware

Thousands of Counterfeit Apps on the Play Store have Been Found to Contain Malware

The android users around the world have been put on alert regarding a potential threat to privacy and security by some harmful apps. A recent study identified a number of underlying security threats to the Android phones possessed by such apps. The study was conducted by the University of Sydney and CSIRO’s Data61. The study made use of the neural network to analyze the threatening malware present in apps found in the Google Play Store.

A number of apps available on the play store have been found to contain malware that can infect Android phones. Most of these apps have been downloaded more than a million number of times. A few of these apps were found to have PreAMo malware built inside them. Android phones are used by more than 2 billion people across the globe. More than 30 million Android phones were corrupted by just 50 such apps which contain malware.

About 1.2 billion apps were analyzed for signs of malware and counterfeiting. A number of such apps were identified which had craftily copied the descriptions and icons of popular apps. A large number of such apps were observed to be asking permissions that can threaten the phone’s security. A total of 2,040 such dangerous apps were confirmed by malware detecting tools to be counterfeits, found the study.

A report the Forbes published, cited the authors saying “Although, encouragingly, 6-10 months since we discovered the apps, 27%-46% of the potential counterfeits we identified are not available in Google Play Store, potentially removed due to customer complaints.” Companies like Google and Apple have constantly tried to make their stores secure by eliminating such apps. The users, however, need to do their part by not falling for suspicious apps that ask for permissions that can damage their phones.

Samsung Will Be Launching Galaxy Note 10 on August 7

Samsung Will Be Launching Galaxy Note 10 on August 7

If you are a big fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note series, there is some good news for you. A teaser image published by Samsung has in effect confirmed that the company would be launching Galaxy Note 10 on August 7. This will be done during the Samsung Unpacked event that is scheduled to happen at 4 PM, 7th of August. While Samsung did not say anything officially, the image of the Note pen makes some clear statements.

There were rumors that Samsung would be launching Note 10 in the month of August and that the Unpacked event would be the right occasion for that too. Now that the teaser image is out, things are semi-official, so to speak. The teaser image shows the bottom part of the Samsung Galaxy Note stylus and below that, a hole-punch camera sensor.

It should be noted that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is one of the most anticipated launches from Samsung this year. The device is said to retain the design philosophy from the predecessor but some new features would be borrowed from the S10 series. For instance, Note 10 is expected to have an on-screen fingerprint sensor and hole-punch camera on the screen.

Rumors also added that Note 10 will be following S10 in the case of model selection as well. That is, users will be able to choose from two or three models, according to screen-size and performance. Probably one of the downsides of this upgrades is that Samsung might get rid of the headphone jack, which is something the company has been bragging about in the recent devices.

In addition to these, Samsung Note 10 will indeed have some upgrades as prescribed by the time. The device is expected to have improved Note UI features and enhanced storage, to begin with. Samsung accessories do also make some stronger points in the deal.

Google is Reportedly Working on a Better AirDrop Alternative for Android

Google is Reportedly Working on a Better AirDrop Alternative for Android

AirDrop is one of the many reasons why users prefer iOS to Android. So far, Google hasn’t introduced a viable alternative to the data-sharing utility. Now, reports say that Google is indeed working on a better alternative for AirDrop for Android. While nothing is official yet, publications such as XDA Developers and 9to5Google learned about these developments via various sources. Some screenshots were also posted.

This new Android feature has been called Fast Share and it will be helping users to share images, videos and text among other things to nearby Android devices. This feature does not require an internet connection but works solely based on Bluetooth connectivity. The screenshots also indicate that the feature will be working cross-platform, offering the best experience in devices like iPhones and Chromebooks.

Not just XDA and 9to5Google, but many other publications have come across the Fast Share page by Google. Nevertheless, it is too early to say what the company is working on and when this feature will be brought to the public. Considering that this is a minor feature, Google could even launch a simple app and make it very popular. However, we have to see whether it becomes a part of the next Android release.

As we said earlier, AirDrop has become the gold standard of seamless file sharing among iOS users. Those who shift from the Apple ecosystem seem to miss this feature every single day. At this point, Android doing something Fast Share will help in customer retention and better reception rate. AirDrop is certainly a proof that seemingly minor features will have an impact on how people make preferences.

Android had indeed introduced quick file sharing systems like Android Beam in the past. However, because they were powered by NFC, compatibility was a major issue and the feature required users to touch devices physically.

US Government is Starting a Nationwide Hunt for Robocalls

US Government is Starting a Nationwide Hunt for Robocalls

Robocallers have been annoying the US population for a noticeable period of time and the US government has finally decided to take the right decision. Announced on Tuesday, the US government has initiated one of the biggest and nationwide hunts for robocallers that are targeting the citizen. The mission will target an immense variety of companies and individuals that have been involved in the robocall business.

According to reports from the Federal Trade Commission, these individuals and companies have made more than one billion robocalls in the past. Most of these unwanted calls were regarding financial schemes though other reasons were also cited. It should be noted, however, that only a few cases have been filed so far. Out of the 100 cases that have been filed, five require criminal law enforcement actions.

Both telemarketers and scammers have been using robocalls to attract more people into their schemes. In the case of scammers, a noticeable number of people fall for these traps and end up losing a lot of money, which is, in some cases, thousands of dollars. The government, the justice department and local authorities from several states have come together to end this atrocity.

According to a federal complaint that was filed, a developer by the name of Derek Jason Bartoli was located at the major reason for the increasing number of robocalls in the country. This Florida man had created an easy-to-use robocalling tool that was then sold to a number of scammers and telemarketers, thus increasing the chances of getting a robocall.

Fraud and unsolicited telephone interruptions are some of the many reasons why robocalls are being hated by the public as well as the policymakers. Both these communities have been demanding prompt measures to keep this trend under control, thereby protecting the privacy and security of the customers.

Tesla is Building its Own Electric Vehicle Battery Cells

Tesla is Building its Own Electric Vehicle Battery Cells

Since its inception in the retail market, Tesla has been relying on Panasonic for the battery cells used in EVs produced by the company. According to the latest reports, however, the company has been working on its own EV battery cells. Employee sources quoted by CNBC have said that the company is working on advanced lithium-ion batteries that would be replacing what Panasonic is supplying right now.

The employees added that the company would soon start the big-scale production of these batteries. It has to be noted that Tesla has set up low-key research centers that are located near the main plants. The new batteries are being developed at one of these plants, added the employees. On any day, this step would be a new way for the electronic vehicle company to have an independent manufacturing cycle.

Delay in getting EV battery cells has been one of the major reasons why Tesla is not able to fulfill the various product-manufacturing deadlines it has set up. When the company starts producing its own cells, however, it can do more than overcoming these limitations. Judging by Tesla’s previous work, it’s also clear that these new battery cells would offer better range, durability and control for the vehicle manufacturer.

More importantly, there is also the point that Tesla won’t be tied up to Panasonic in case of emergencies. It is worth noting that nothing is wrong with the companies at this point, but there were rumors that Panasonic may face some issues, especially considering that it has signed contracts with Toyota as well. Elon Musk, to make things clear, has been critical of Panasonic from the very start.

This decision once again proves Tesla’s philosophy to stay as independent as it can, at least when it comes to production and quality control. It should be noted that all sources are still anonymous and there are not many official words from the Elon Musk firm.

YouTube’s New Features will Give Users More Control Over Content

YouTube’s New Features will Give Users More Control Over Content

YouTube is one step ahead in putting the user into the driver’s seat. The Google-owned video platform will provide more personalized content by updating its features. YouTube in its official blog announced the new features that will give more control for users over the homepage and up next videos. According to the announcement that came on Wednesday, three specific changes will be rolling out in YouTube including exploring related videos and remove suggestions.

“These new features help you navigate the incredible breadth of content available on YouTube and more easily find great videos to watch,” stated Essam El-Dardiry, Product Manager of YouTube in the official blog. The user can easily explore topics and related videos on the Homepage and in Up Next Videos which will be based on their personalized suggestions. Removing suggestions for the videos’ user no longer interested in watching is another feature.

The user can remove suggestions by tapping the three-dot menu next to a video on the homepage or Up next and then tap ‘Don’t recommend channel.’ Already ‘Don’t recommend channel’ option is available in YouTube but the new feature makes things much easier. User will be able to learn more about why a video may be suggested as per the new feature. The user will get information about the video in a box underneath the video.

The rollout of the new features will be gradual. ‘Explore videos’ will be available for signed-in users in English on the Android YouTube app only whereas ‘remove suggestion’ feature will be available globally on Android and iOS devices. The information box feature can be accessed only by iOS users. YouTube has criticized for its algorithm in many instances. One among them was recommending inappropriate videos to kids. YouTube is trying to avoid such rabbit holes with the new features that give users more control and be transparent on how it works.