Music Therapy Could Help Treat Preoperative Anxiety

Music therapy could help treat preoperative anxiety. Many people experience a certain form of anxiety before undergoing any operation. These type of anxiety is often treated by a sedative, which is a host of possible side effects. However, a new study has found an alternative solution.

People commonly receive benzodiazepines drugs that act as a depressant medication. They are used for treating anxiety before receiving anesthesia. Benzodiazepines can cause several side effects that may affect breathing, blood flow, and even mood.

New research which appears in the Regional Anesthesia & Pain Medicine shows that music may replace sedatives for preoperative anxiety.

In the new study, the researchers randomly divided 157 adults into two groups. Participants in the first group received injections of benzodiazepine midazolam before anesthesia. The second group was asked to wear noise-canceling headphones and listen to the preprogrammed musical track for 3 minutes.

The team then used an approved anxiety scale to accurately capture levels of anxiety in adult participants.

The results found similar changes in preoperative anxiety levels in both groups.

“The only real difference was that people who listened to music felt less satisfied than those in the drug group. We believe that this reaction may have been influenced by the participants’ not being able to choose the piece of music.” The researchers said.

The previous study that appeared in Southern Medical Journal has shown that a tune with an estimated 60 beats per minute, and without lyrics, a significant change in tempo or rhythm effectively reduces anxiety.