Apple Disables Walkie Talkie App on Apple Watch Due to Vulnerability

The Walkie Talkie app has been disabled by Apple due to the vulnerability that could allow eavesdropping. The company has temporarily disabled Apple Watch’s Walkie Talkie app after discovering a bug that could allow other iPhone users listen in on conversations according to Tech Crunch.

Apple says that no incidents of eavesdropping have been reported but the app will be temporarily disabled until the vulnerability is fixed by the company. Apple said they were not aware of any use of the vulnerability and has not provided any explanation of how these vulnerability will work against a customer. The company has mentioned that “specific conditions and sequences of events are required to exploit it.”

Apple has apologized for the issue and the inconvenience of the users and assured they will restore the functionality as soon as possible. The vulnerability was found by the company through its report a vulnerability portal directly. The app will remain installed on Apple Watch however the user can not make any call.

Walkie-Talkie is an Apple Watch app that allows two users who have accepted an invite from each other to receive audio chats through a ‘push to talk’ calls which is a tweaked form of FaceTime Audio. Walkie Talkie was added to watchOS 5, the Apple Watch released last year.

This is the second incident this year that forced Apple to disable a FaceTime calling feature. In January, a vulnerability was discovered in the group calling feature of FaceTime that allowed people to listen in on device before a call was accepted. Apple was slow to respond albeit being reported a week before it got wider attention. This time company appears to be listening more closely to the reports about the vulnerability. Apple has also pushed a Mac update to remove Zoom’s Web server software after the videoconferencing app had a major vulnerability bug of its own discovered.