Sweetened Beverages Linked with Increased Chances of Cancer

Sugary drinks are often associated with health-related problems such as obesity, weight gain, heart attacks, etc. However, a new study has found out that even a small amount of sweet beverages like sodas and fruit juice, can increase the chance of developing cancer. The new study was published on Wednesday in a medical journal named the British Medical Journal or BMJ.

The research found that even 100ml of such sweet drinks if taken regularly, can increase the chances of developing cancer by 18% overall and by 22% in cases of breast cancer. The researchers tracked how these drinks affect the human body by examining a total of 101,257 French adults. Of these, 2,193 adults were diagnosed with cancer with 693 cases of breast cancer alone. The study highlights that not only sodas but even some fruit juices can increase the risk of cancer among humans.

The lead author of the study, Mathilde Touvier, suggests that the sugar content of the drinks is the main culprit behind the risk it possesses. Another likely cancer-causing additive that the study pointed out was 4-methylimidazole. Mathilde is the research director of the Nutritional Epidemiology Research Team of the National Health and Medical Research Institute at the Paris 13 University.

The American Beverage Association after going through the study reassured about their safety measures regarding the beverages. A spokesperson for the association, Danielle Smotkin in an exclusive interview with Top News Herald, said, “America’s leading beverage companies are working together to support consumer’ efforts to reduce the sugar they consume from our beverages by providing more choices with less sugar or zero sugar, smaller package sizes and clear calorie information right up front.” The research couldn’t significantly prove any link between cancer and such diet drinks. It could also not prove any cause and effect between the sugar drinks and cancer as it is basically an observational study.